Open Mike Night

Jenny Barden copyright Michael ShawLast night saw the first VWC Open Mic in association with the exceptionally talented Company of Ten from the Abbey Theatre, St Albans. The
work of no less than twelve different VWC authors was performed throughout the evening and it has to be said, the quality of writing has set the bar high.
Company of Ten was extremely impressed by the standard and is already discussing possible dates with us for the next event.

I'd like to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to submit pieces for consideration. If your work wasn't read last night, please
don't give up! There's always next time. I anticipate the next event taking place in April, after the Get Writing Conference, so do start writing in
readiness for my call for submissions. First person, one or two-handed pieces work very well when read aloud, so you might want to think along those lines.
And scripts would be great. There were lots of submissions for male voices this time, so perhaps consider writing for a female. Accents always add some fun to the performance too, whether regional or foreign. Jacqui Valota's Voodoo Mamma sounded wonderful as it was brought to life with a Jamaican style accent.

Thanks again, to all the writers, actors and supporters for helping to make it a great night! I can't wait for the next one!

Here is last night's programme.

VERULAM WRITER'S CIRCLE In association with COMPANY OF TEN PRESENTS An Evening of Short Stories

Box Room written by Tina Shaw and read by Rosemarie.

Having a Bad Day written by John Spencer and read by John.

Fake Tan – written by Janet Baldey and read by Beccy.

Voodoo Mamma – written by Jacqui Valota and read by Rosemarie.

The Power of Four – written by Marie Henderson-Brennan and read by Terry.

Trouble at Half Time – written by Steve Barley and read by Angela.

Ladder Kickers – written by Katie Barron and read by John & Rosemarie.

Too Many Things – written by Dave Weaver and read by John.

No Such Thing as a Bad Year – written by Simon Bowden and read by Terry & John.

Present Time – written by Oscar Windsor-Smith and read by Terry.

Love Offices – written by Kirsty Favell and read by Beccy.

Super Santa – written by Wendy Turner and read by The Ensemble.