The David Gibson Cup Competition 2016

David Gibson Cup Competition 2016
(Deadline & adjudication on Wednesday, 5 October, at St Michael’s)

The theme for this year's David Gibson Cup competition is: Going for Gold.
Great Britain’s success in the Rio Olympics suggested this theme but it remains for you to run with the idea to a time and place of your choosing and populate it with whatever characters your imagination may conjure.

The competition is open to paid-up members of VWC.
Entries must be original works of fiction to a maximum of one thousand words.
Entries must bear no indication of the author's identity.
Your submission should carry a ridiculous pseudonym, which will be entered for the separate 'Gnome de Plume' (aka Gnome of Shame) prize.

There is no entry fee for this competition.

(Mainly for the benefit of newer members but a reminder to all)
There is no judge for the DGC competition. The winner is decided by popular ballot on the night. It is worth remembering that entries are displayed around the walls for reading, so other factors in addition to the quality of writing may affect your chances:
Length: bear in mind there is no minimum word count. A short snappy piece may remain longer in readers' memories.
Clarity: a large clear font may make your work more legible from a distance; double spacing may also assist.
Page/piece ID: page numbering, and including the title on each page, in a header or footer will ensure that your masterwork is not confused with someone else's during the jolly mayhem known laughingly as the David Gibson Cup competition judging.

Good writing and good luck.
Oscar Windsor-Smith (DG Cup holder 2015/16)