Lisbeth Phillips Non-Fiction Competition 2015.

You can either:
Write a letter to your local MP asking whether Syrian refugees are going to be received into the local area. Explain your views on why this should/should not happen. You can take a moral and/or practical stance, and suggest possible solutions to the crisis, or reasons why it is no business of ours.
Write the script for an online petition, with separate accompanying information to support the petition.

The aim is to raise enough signatures to persuade the NHS to fund an expensive drug to keep a relative of yours alive for a longer period of time. The petition should be pithy and eye catching enough to attract signatures and the information should provide the details to back up your request.

Your entries of up to 1000 words should be submitted to Tina Shaw or Dave Weaver, who will both be judging them, by 28th October for adjudication on
25th November.

Entries should be anonymous, with a suitable nom de plume, accompanied by the fee of £2.50, in a plain envelope which contains the title and your real name.
Good luck.