The Lisbeth Phillips Competition 2014

This is the competition set by last year's winnder, Simon Bowden.

Last date for entries is 7th January 2015 and the competition wil be adjudicated on 4th February 2015.


"New anti-terror laws are being brought in by Theresa May and the coalition - for a mix of genuine security and political reasons.

You have an old childhood friend, Mohammed Azzar, from a muslim family who emigrated from Indonesia. He's a TV producer and a cool guy. The new laws make him feel threatened.

How do you talk to him honestly - about your fears of bombs on the underground etc - balanced against your respect for civil liberties - and a citizen's right to privacy - and to be assumed innocent until proven guilty?

How do you keep him as a friend? Can you reconcile the realities?

Your article of up to 1200 words can either be your explanation and attitude to the new laws on surveillance etc. Or it can be a dialogue between you and your friend - or the two opposing viewpoints put as a pro and con.

The judges will expect you to grapple with the issues and shed light and humanity."

Last date for entries is 7th January 2015 and the competition will be adjudicated on 4th February 2015.

Your entry should be presented in a regular typeface (e.g., Times New Roman) 12pt, double-spaced, with numbered pages printed on one side only.
2) You should include a word count on your entry.
3) Neither your name, nor any other means of identification should appear on or with your entry.
4) A farcically ridiculous pseudonym should appear on your entry.

5) You should include a fee of £2.50 with your entry (Cheques to: Verulam Writers' Circle – in a sealed envelope to comply with 6, above).
6) Entries may be submitted at VWC meetings up to and including the deadline date, or by post to

Simon Bowden

24 Hadleigh Court


Herts AL5 1SX