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By writers, for writers

By writers, for writers

Are you a writer based in or around St Albans? Are you seeking a little inspiration? Or maybe some high quality critique to help bring your work up to scratch? Or workshops to hone your writing skills? Do you want to be among people who understand what is to to be a writer? Then Verulam Writers' Circle is for you. Come and join us.

Veracity Summer 2017

As well as joining our meetings, writers can benefit from the secure and friendly member area of this website. Why not have a browse of Veracity, our newsletter?

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The Anthology - and link to Amazon


Writers and Artists short story competition

This competition will be of interest to writers. Bear in mind the value of the Writers' and Artists' Yearbooks.

Short story competition

This Weeks Writing Tip (4)

Don't waste time writing needless background that won't appear in the story, or doing research that you strongly suspect to be irrelevant. If in doubt, do the research whilst you are writing. This is a particular problem with science fiction and fantasy, but happens everywhere.

(Toby Frost)


Put a smile on your face (11)

If the police arrest a mute, do they tell him he has the right to remain silent?